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Purple Hopseed Bush Journal

Dodonaea Viscosa ‘Purpurea’ – Purple Hopseed Bush

Apr 3, 2010. - Dodonaea Viscosa 'Purpurea' - Purple Hopseed Bush. Seed pods.
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The Purple Hopseed Bush is a native of New Zealand and is a parting gift left for us by the previous owner of our condo. His legacy was this and a Queen Palm, the latter we transplanted into a very large container as I wanted the ground spot for my Carpenteria Californica. The Hopseed bush looked a bit neglected when we got here but I watered it twice a month during the hot summer and it now appears to be a happy part of our garden.

Once established this is another drought tolerant plant. It’s pretty well established in our garden now since it’s been here at least a year longer than the other plants. We’ll be able to put the drought tolerant claim to the test once the seasonal rains have passed. Although it doesn’t add much to a wildlife garden, the attractive purple foliage is nice to look at and the thick growth is making this a good screen plant. It is commonly used as a hedge in many parts of the world.

In full sun, good drainage and with occassional water Dodonea Viscosa ‘Purpurea’ should grow between 6 and 12 feet. It can have a spread up to 6′ or so but I’ll be keeping that in check by pruning. I don’t want to block the sun to the pretty Bougainvillea behind it.

** Update **

Our Purple Hopseed Bush is doing very well so far this year. It’s grown a good 6″ taller since it was last photographed in November and right now it’s carrying some pretty little seed cases that look a bit like Potpourri. Not had to water much at all this year, El Niño has taken care of much of the garden in that respect. No pests to speak of, no sign of disease. A couple months ago I pruned away some of the lower stems and the plant has responded beautifully, lots of thick new growth. The purpose of Dodonaea Viscosa ‘Purpurea’ in our garden is to act as an informal screen. So far it’s doing a great job.

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Plant Meta Data

Common NamePurple Hopseed Bush
Botanic NameDodonaea Viscosa 'Purpurea'
OriginNew Zealand
Bloom PeriodSpring
Bloom Color
Light RequiredSun
Water ToleranceDrought
Potential Size (H x W)10' x 6'


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Apr 3, 2010. - Dodonaea Viscosa 'Purpurea' - Purple Hopseed Bush. Seed pods.Apr 3, 2010. - Dodonaea Viscosa 'Purpurea' - Purple Hopseed BushNov 8, 2009. - Dodonaea Viscosa 'Purpurea' - Purple Hopseed Bush