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Iris Tall Bearded Rebloomers Journal

Iris Germanica – Tall Bearded Reblooming Irises

Apr 23, 2011. - Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - "Splash o' Wine".
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For unusual and reliable color in a low water garden Tall Bearded Reblooming Irises can bring year-round interest. These plants of hybrid origin thrive in the hot sun of Southern California and watering once a week to keep them from entering dormancy should ensure a long blooming season.

As the name suggests, reblooming irises are known to produce their spectacular blooms from spring through late fall / early winter. The flower stems shooting up above the thick fanning leaves vary between 2′ and 4′ tall and the large flowers can be 6″ across or sometimes even larger. The available flower colors and combinations is basically unlimited.

The length and reliability of the blooming season can be established when buying your irises. Iris retailers usually have a description for each cultivar which includes the notation “RE”, “RE” or “RE RE“. “RE” means the plant should rebloom in fall / winter. “RE” means the plant is a very dependable rebloomer and “RE RE” means this plant should bloom for most of the year.

In my patio garden I have three Tall Bearded Reblooming Irises from the Matilija Nursery in Moorpark, CA. “Splash O’ Wine” (RE RE) was the first to flower. You’ll see that in the gallery. I also have “Comanche Drums” (RE) and “Return to Sender” (RE RE).

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Plant Meta Data

Common NameIris Tall Bearded Rebloomers
Botanic NameIris Germanica
Bloom PeriodSpringSummerAutumnWinter
Bloom ColorVarious
Light RequiredSun
Water ToleranceModerate
Potential Size (H x W)2' x 2'
NotesAttracts HummingbirdsAttracts Bees


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June 5, 2011. - Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - 'Comanche Drums'.Apr 23, 2011. - Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - "Splash o' Wine".Dec 12, 2010. - Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - 'Comanche Drums'. New planter specimen.Sep 25, 2010. - Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris - 'Return to Sender'. Planted with two fans about a month ago, one fan wilted. Keeping a close eye on this.