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Catalina Fuchsia Journal

Epilobium Canum ‘Catalina’ – Catalina Fuchsia

Nov 21, 2009. - Epilobium Canum 'Catalina' - Catalina Fuchsia
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Catalina Fuchsia is an upright growing variety of Fuchsia native to California (many are considered ground cover). This one grows quickly to 2 to 3 feet tall with a similar spread. From summer into autumn these plants burst into life with bright red trumpet shaped flowers that hummingbirds cannot resist. The late blooming season helps bring color and life to a summer garden when many native plants are dormant.

‘Catalina’ grows in full sun but can also take part shade. Once established this plant is fairly drought tolerant.

California Fuchsia’s have recently been moved into the “Epilobium” genus by botanists although it is very common to hear them referred to as “Zauschneria” as they were known prior to reclassification.

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Plant Meta Data

Common NameCatalina Fuchsia
Botanic NameEpilobium Canum 'Catalina'
Bloom PeriodSummerAutumn
Bloom Color
Light RequiredSun
Water ToleranceDrought
Potential Size (H x W)3' x 2'
NotesAttracts Hummingbirds


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