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California Bush Sunflower Journal

California Bush Sunflower – Encelia Californica

Sep 25, 2010. - California Bush Sunflower - Encelia Californica.
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California is enjoying an El NiƱo year and through late winter and spring the hillsides have been awash with more yellow than I can recall seeing at any other time in my six years in the US. Much of that sunny glow comes from our native sunflower Encelia Californica. This fast growing plant is common in our chaparral and coastal sage scrub. In the garden it is easy to grow; full sun, a little summer liquid refreshment and deadheading spent flowers can extend the bloom season right into autumn.

California Bush Sunflower can grow quickly to 4′ tall with a similar spread. The fragrant flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees and your local bird population will enjoy the seeds should you choose to let those develop.

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Plant Meta Data

Common NameCalifornia Bush Sunflower
Botanic NameEncelia Californica
Bloom PeriodSpringSummerAutumn
Bloom Color
Light RequiredSun
Water ToleranceDrought
Potential Size (H x W)4' x 4'
NotesAttracts ButterfliesAttracts SongbirdsFragrant


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Sep 25, 2010. - California Bush Sunflower - Encelia Californica.May 10, 2010. - California Bush Sunflower - Encelia Californica.April 10, 2010. - California Bush Sunflower - Encelia Californica.