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Bush Poppy Journal

Dendromecon Rigida – Bush Poppy

Apr 10, 2010. - Dendromecon Rigida - Bush Poppy
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There are two main varieties of native Bush Poppy in California. Bush Poppy (Dendromecon Rigida) hails from the mainland while it’s cousin, Island Bush Poppy (Dendromecon Harfordii), is found on the Channel Islands off the Southern California coast. Harfordii produces more flowers and thick foliage that can be a good screen, probably better suited to the garden. Rigida is a little more hardy and drought tolerant. I’m told that both of these plants can be hard to find so I’m happy to have this Dendromecon Rigida.

A happy bush poppy produces yellow flowers in spring through early summer and is a fast grower up to 6′. It should not be fertilized nor should it be watered at all in the summer, once established. This shrub likes full sun and soil should be fast draining since it hates having wet feet.

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Plant Meta Data

Common NameBush Poppy
Botanic NameDendromecon Rigida
Bloom PeriodSpringSummerAutumn
Bloom Color
Light RequiredSun
Water ToleranceDrought
Potential Size (H x W)6' x 6'


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Apr 10, 2010. - Dendromecon Rigida - Bush PoppyMar 29, 2010. - Dendromecon Rigida - Bush PoppyJan 10, 2010. - Dendromecon Rigida - Bush PoppyNov 8, 2009. - Dendromecon Rigida - Bush Poppy