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Bush Anemone Journal

Carpenteria Californica – Bush Anemone

April 20, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush Anemone
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One of my most recent additions to the patio garden is a native California shrub named Bush Anemone (Carpenteria Californica). This was a 5 gallon specimen from the Matilija Nursery in Moorpark. The Carpenteria replaces a struggling Mock Orange (Philadelphus Lewisii) and as well as looking great in bloom it will hopefully work well as a screen plant.

The Carpenteria likes sun to part shade and has a moderate growth rate to about 6′ tall. The bloom period is Summer and the flowers are white with a yellow center. The flowers are fragrant and are attractive to bees and butterflies. It should only need occasional water once established.

Bush Anemone is officially listed as endangered as development is encroaching on the only remaining areas where it is found in the wild (a few sites in Central California). I mistakenly assumed it was named after the city of Carpenteria about 30 miles or so from me, turns out it was named in honor of 19th century scientist Dr. William Marbury Carpenter (so sayeth Wiki).

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Plant Meta Data

Common NameBush Anemone
Botanic NameCarpenteria Californica
Bloom PeriodSummer
Bloom Color
Light RequiredPartial Shade
Water ToleranceOccassional
Potential Size (H x W)6' x 6'
NotesAttracts ButterfliesAttracts SongbirdsFragrant


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April 20, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush AnemoneApril 20, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush AnemoneMar 29, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush AnemoneMarch 7, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush AnemoneJan 17, 2010. - Carpenteria Californica - Bush Anemone