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Bonnie’s Irises – Buy Irises Online

Bonnies Irises Website - Buy native and low water non-native irises from Bonnies Irises, Moorpark CA.
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Late last year I worked on a website for the Matilija Nursery in Moorpark, CA, promoting their wide array of Pacific Coast Hybrid irises, Louisiana irises and Tall Bearded Reblooming irises. The website has been a hit so over the last few weeks I have been finalizing development of an online shopping cart where you can buy irises directly from the Matilija Nursery without leaving the comfort of your desk. The cart has gone live and you can buy irises online right now.

Bob and Bonnie are selling their Tall Bearded Rebloomers at the moment. These irises are not native to California but they do have similar water and climactic requirements that allow them to thrive here. I have a few Tall Bearded Rebloomers in my patio garden and I’ll be adding an entry for them to this website soon. For those who don’t know, the Tall Bearded Reblooming irises produce very large complex looking flowers in wide array of colors and patterns. As the name suggests these plants continue to produce flowers throughout the year bringing plenty color to the garden.

Louisiana irises from the South East and Pacific Coast Hybrid irises from right here in California and up the West Coast will be available to buy online very soon.

CLICK HERE to check out the website and maybe even buy some irises of your own!

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